Wall Prints

10% off the price of your prints 
(when you buy at least 2 LARGE prints)  

***Your print order must total to a minimum of $25***

I recommend having your images printed with me, as they are done in a professional lab with superior quality. In truth, even I print all of my own family pictures through my lab.

*Wall Prints
4x6 - $3
5x7 - $4
8x10 - $12

*Regular Large Prints (Sprayed)
11x14 - $20
16x20 - $35
20x24 - $45
24x30 - $65
30x40 - $75

 *Premium Large Prints (Sprayed and Mounted)
11x14 - $30
16x20 - $45
20x24 - $70
24x30 - $90
30x40 - $130

*What does it mean "sprayed"? The "spray" is a lustre spray for added protection and superior quality. All "large prints" come sprayed and mounted for added protection and longevity.

*What does it mean by "mounted"?  You print will have a harder backing placed on it so that it will better last the tests of time.

*Shipping is NOT included in these prices. Generally, I don't need to ship the prints to you, as you can pick up your prints when you pick up your CD of images. However, if you move away or if you have friends or family who live far away who order prints an additional shipping charge will be added.

***To order prints of your session, please email me at mcdanielpictures(at)gmail(dot)com with the details.